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Sheesh taken to a whole nother level


Shwings is the brainchild of founder Mark Strutton, whose family have a long and successful history in the restaurant world. Mark has grown up with catering in his blood and worked at all levels throughout the business.


Mark’s vision is to provide the freshest ingredients coupled with the most authentic tastes from one of his favourite locations around the world with fast delivery, high quality and consistent gourmet standards.

Service will be second to none as Mark also pushes the boundaries to change and improve modern dinning as we know it.


Shwings flagship is located at 45 New London Road, conveniently near to the centre of Chelmsford. With opening hours from midday through to 10.30pm the perfect location for every time of day.


The experience and ambience of the restaurant is as important to Mark and the design team as the quality of the dining experience.  A significant emphasis has been placed on the atmosphere musically, also interior design with a “shack” style, contemporary lighting and fixtures


Tremendous value for money is complimented by unrivalled service and entertainment.


We just love juicy chicken!

Chicken wings should be jumbo sized, succulent and coated in homemade FLAVOURS, which is exactly what Shwings brings to your table. Some of our dishes are cooked over an open coal barbecue, for that authentic smokey taste! Add a sumptuous side dish and you have the perfect comfort food for lunch, dinner and any takeaway meal from Shwings.



A tasty bite starts with quality ingredients! 

At Shwings all of our ingredients are fresh, we have no holding drawers for food. Which means every order is made fresh for our customers. Come and take the taste test challenge! You'll know by the first bite that we are a very different chicken restaurant. Veggie or Vegan we love you too. We are conscious of diets and have also included lots of healthy options should you be at the gym and looking for tasty food to get those gains. Trust us, our cauliflower florets are a bit naughty. 

Mark Strut - Owner

Why We're Great >


I want Shwings to be the best. I’ve always thought if something is worth doing it’s worth doing well. I’m keeping the menu quite simple as I want us to be really good at what we do.



The Dream Team

To ensure the authenticity of the dishes Shwings has hired the services of executive chef, Felix Pinto, from the renowned restaurant Lisbon Rossio in Portugals capital Lisbon. Both Felix and Mark are committed to sourcing traditional ingredients from their point of origin. To this extent the olive wood charcoal used for grilling is being shipped from Portugal on a daily basis with other ingredients being sourced from local farms and suppliers to the restaurant. The team led by Felix and Mark are focused on delivering levels of customer service normally only found in the highest quality restaurants. 


Broadening the Experience

Rather than provide an extensive list of wines and beers Shwings will provide a limited and specifically chosen set of wines to offer the best pairing experience with the food on offer both by the glass and bottle.

Local micro-brewery beers and guest beers with a selection of soft drinks and waters will complete ad compliment the experience.

Having established the restaurant Shwings will be offering a take away service in conjunction with a partner delivery company confident that the clientele will want the occasional in-home treat.

Plans are already under way to open further branches of Shwings in Essex and the South East.

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